You spend all your time with them, but are you all bestest buds? Here's how to tell if they're friends, foes or just so-so.
by Jennifer Braunschweiger

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1 When you're walking down the street with your girlfriends, you often find yourself:
linked arm in arm--and it's really remarkable how many people make Charlie's Angels jokes as you go by.
hurrying to catch up. They never wait when you stop to admire a dress in a window or bend down to fix the strap on your sandal.
thinking about your plans for the weekend. Will your crush finally ask you our or what?

2 You're all in the mall food court trying to find something to eat. When you announce that you're in the mood for a Philly cheese steak and a glass of milk, your friend says:
"That sounds soooo good. I think I'll have that, too!"
"Um, do you know how many grams of fat are in that? Because, like, whatever you eat always goes straight to your hips."
"Oh. Well, um, I'm not really that hungry, but you can go ahead and eat if you want--I can wait.

3 Friday night is movie night. It's kind of a ritual, and you and your pals have spent many an hour together sharing popcorn and drinking Coke through Twizzlers. You usually sit:
in the middle. You make the funniest comments, and everyone wants to be able to hear them.
on the edge. Seems like whatever you guys do, you're always kind of on the fringe.
wherever. Who notices that stuff, anyway?

4 Ho hum. History class is such a bore! The Soviet Union doesn't even exist anymore, and the Cold War took way longer than one winter. Your pals are passing notes to pass the time. But when your teacher suddenly grows a backbone and barks at your friend, "Hand over that piece of paper!" you:
panic. Just what you need. Last time she handed over your "I totally love him!" confession (about the guy who sits behind you) without a fight.
feel relieved. Nobody passed the note to you, so you are 100% free and clear.
bite your lip. Your friend is taking the whole blame and refusing to surrender the note because she knows you can't survive another black mark in the grade book.

5 Soccer practice is torture, Its not that you're soooo bad, it's just that you don't necessarily live to play. Good thing your friends are on the team. When it comes to choosing partners for drills, you:
automatically pair up with Crissy. Are you kidding? If she weren't on the team, you'd quit--and you know she feels exactly the same way.
usually end up scrambling for a partner because after your friends pair off and leave you the odd one out.
try to play with someone different every time. Your game improves faster that way, and you get to hang out with more people.

6 Today--miracle of miracles--rehearsal for The Mikado was canceled, so you're getting a ride home with your friends. On the way out to the parking lot, you call shotgun. They:
laugh and say, "No way! The person in the front seat controls the music, and we're sick of that tape you always play."
agree and promise that if you sing your part form The Mikado for them, they'll treat you to your very own Happy Meal at McDonald's.
say, "Stuff it sister, or you can sit your fanny in the trunk. You're lucky to be getting a ride at all."

7 You and your friends have the bright idea to rent Rollerblades in the park. You're just getting the hang of it when you lock eyes with a really cute guy--then run into a pole and fall flat on your butt. Your friends:
run over, help you up and giggle when they tell you how the guy turned around to see what had happened to you -- and almost fell on his face, too.
come to you assistance when the coast is clear of beautiful-but-off-balance-skater boys.
wait (at a safe distance) until you've dusted yourself off--and tease you about it for the rest of the day.

8 You come around the corner of a hallway at school and find a group of your friends huddled together talking about something. When they see you, they:
stop talking, turn red and look weird until one girl says loudly, "So was that math homework really hard or what?"
grab you by the arm, pull you into the circle and fill you in on the latest: The obnoxious kid in your chem class was just expelled for cheating.
change the subject, but say hi and ask if you want to join them for lunch.

9 After months and months of anxious waiting, you recieve the dreaded rejection letter from the college you desperately want to attend. You're way unhappy. Your friends:
shrug, say, "Sorry girlfriend" and forget about it by the time the bell rings for class.
take you out for coffee and console you with a surprise gift--a scrapbook they made with pictures of the whole gang.
laugh and keep talking about how they got into their top-choice schools.

10 It's 8 pm, and you're bored. You speed-completed your homework, there's nothing on TV, and they're doing some dumb countdown on the radio. Then the phone rings. You:
jump up. Of course it's for you. Marcie always calls at 8 on Tuesdays (and Mondays, and Wednesdays...).
slouch even deeper into the couch. You called your best friend, but her line was busy. Then when you called your other best friend her line was busy, too. They're obviously on the phone together. (In fact, they're probably ripping into you right this minute.)
perk up and think, Oh yeah. I forgot to call Pam. Wonder what she's up to?

11 Your cat died last night, and you're a wreck. You wanted to stay home from school today, but your mom said you couldn't miss your geography test. As if you could study. Your friends:
go to the school library with you at lunch and help you cram. They know how close you were to Puffy and how mad your mom would be if you bombed on this test.
try to console you but, after giving you Kleenex, get on with the business of studying. It is a major test after all.
barely even notice you're unhappy--even when you start to cry first period. It's just a cat. It wasn't like a guy blew you off or anything.

12 You just got braces and you've just finished a sandwich: tuna on rye with lettuce (no mustard). You don't realize it, but there's a bright green leaf snagged in your front bracket. Just then--wouldn't you know it--your crush comes over. Your friends
keep their mouths shut, but when the guy walks away, say, "How now, brown cow! Too bad about that lettuce in your teeth!"
keep your crush distracted while a braces-savvy friend signals to your sandwich and to your teeth. You're able to remove the lettuce before he notices!
laugh, but tap you on the shoulder to let you know that you're having a minor disaster.

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