The thought of him makes your heart do flips. But when it comes to showing affection, is he a flop?
by Charlie Mason

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1 You've dropped so many hints about roses and tulips, he should know that all you really want for your birthday is flowers. Regardless, your guy suffers an attack of special-occaison amnesia. When your girls clue him in, he:
recovers by sending so many bouquets to your house, the neighbors think there's been a death in the family.
buys you a cactus, attaching a note that reads: EVEN IF YOU DON'T GIVE IT THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES, DEEP DOWN, IT'LL STILL KNOW YOU CARE... I DO.
reminds you that just the other day he mowed your lawn free of charge--doesn't that count for something?

2 At your school's lame Spring Fling dance, you accidentally step on your boy's Vans so much that by curfew he's going to need a new pair. When you say you're sorry, he:
stomps on your shoes and laughs, "There! No we're even!"
says, "No reason for apologies. It's a small price to pay to stand this close to you."
assures you that you'll get the hang of it and tells you to wrap your arms around his neck and follow his lead.

3 Scanning the racks at the Gap, you two get separated. An observant salesclerk mentions that you could pass for Neve Campbell. Overhearing this, your guy:
retorts, "You mean Neve Campbell might be able to pass for her."
steps between you and Gap Boy, and plants a big wet kiss on your cheek as he says, "I've been looking everywhere for you."
bursts into laughter and says, with some difficulty, "You haven't seen her without makeup."

4 It's 2:00 AM and you're awakened by a weird noise. You realize it's not your dad wheezing, but somebody's throwing pebbles at your window. You look out and see your guy. He says:
"Okay here's the deal. I was having this debate in my head, right, about whether you were more gorgeous by day or, you know, by the moonlight."
"Did I leave my Eels CD here?"
"I was just thinking about you, and then, all of a sudden, here I am."

5 After school, you and your entourage drop by the Music Hut, where the boyfriend works megahours (and spends all his hard-earned loot on hip-hop singles). When you mosey to the register with your selection, he:
rings you up and slips a homemade tape of love songs into your bag.
insists on paying for your CD, gift wrapping it and filling out a card.
slips a theft-detector thingy into your bag while you aren't looking, embarrassing you to high heaven, all in another silly effort to keep you there a little longer.

6 You're near the end of a great date and it starts raining. Your guy pulls up to your driveway and:
turns off the car. Looking none too disappointed, he says "Guess the only way you'll keep dry is to stay with me."
all but ejects you from your seat, reminding you with a wink, "Hurry up and close my door--my mom'll kill me if the upholstery gets wet.
makes a U-turn, driving off to buy you an umbrella, saying, "Anything as sweet as you will melt in the rain."

7 You're in deadly dull poetry class where it's easier to send a private message by bullhorn than by note. Somehow The Boy lands one on your desk. You open it and find that he:
has scribbled down a totally slushy verse about you--the first of four pages that follow.
has confessed his fondest feelings for you in code. You can't decipher all of it, but who cares? It's so sweet.
wants to borrow your notes from lecture on account of he really wants an A but spent an hour making Zs. (At least he signed it, LOVE...)

8 The one way to keep your hunklet happy is by taking an interest in something that interests him. So, you get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to go jogging in the park with him. After your run, he:
playfully asks you if you don't mind walking home, 'cause there's no way you're getting in his mom's car smelling like that.
goes into hard-core cuddle mode despite the fact that you both need to hit the showers.
surprises you with a picnic basket full of all of your favorite breakfast foods.

9 It's your Saturday night date, and when you answer the door, he notices right away that you're wearing a new dress and:
turns parental on you, asking your mom to snap a Polaroid of the two of you together.
starts flipping through your back issues of seventeen to prove that Cameron Diaz has a getup just like it, adding, "Not that it doesn't look better on you."
whispers in your ear that he's going to have to keep a close eye on you tonight.

10 You two are splitting a cone at the food court. He sees that you've got a drop of chocolate chip on your lip and:
leans in like he's going to kiss you and wipes away the glob, sparing you major humiliation.
leans in like he's going to kiss you and announces to the table next to you, "Look, even when she's messy, she's cute."
gets up from your table and comes back with a can of whipped cream, cracking, "In case you want something to top off the dessert on your face!"

11 When you ask him pointblank, "Why do you like me, anyway?" he:
shrugs and asks, "Why not?"
puts your hand on his heart (which is beating faster than a Junior Vasquez remix), bites his lip and says, "That's why?"
gets all Shakespearian on you, ranting, "Why do I like you? Why ask why? Ask how! Ask how much! Let me count the ways!"

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