Is he your dream guy--or are you just dreaming? Find out here if you're head-over-heels or headed for trouble.
by Jenna McCarthy

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1 Your guy cancels your movie date at the last minute because his mom's making him babysit his obnoxious little brother. You:
pout and say okay, then drive by his house every hour to make sure he's really at home.
show up with a pack of Twizzlers and a tape of The Lion King.
tell him you'll call him tomorrow, then hit the flick with your best friend instead.

2 You totally live for Days of Our Lives, but he just doesn't understand your addiction. You:
politely refuse whenever he suggests after-school activities.
are willing to miss a few episodes when he has something cool planned.
bid the show a fond farewell--your guy's just as gorgeous as Austin, anyway.

3 You're hanging with the gang when his best friend mentions what a babe Jennifer Aniston is--and your boyfriend agrees! You:
excuse yourself and make a hair appointment. By this time tomorrow, you'll have the "Rachel."
agree that she's pretty cute. What does that have to do with you?
tune them out and start fantasizing about Matthew Perry.

4 Everyone on his soccer team shaves his head to celebrate winning the end-of-season game. When you spot his new cue-ball 'do, you:
cry--why did he have to get rid of his beautiful hair?
miss his locks, but still think he's the sweetest thing to come along since SnackWells.
can't resist calling him Brillo Boy for the next three weeks.

5 There's a cool special on TV. You're in your jammies making like a potato--when he stops by for a surprise visit. You:
whip out the popcorn. Someone to cuddle with!
hide. You're not about to let him see you covered in zit cream.
let him in, but are a teensy bit bummed that you can't give the tube your full attention.

6 When you spot an empty seat next to him in the cafeteria, you:
ask him if the seat's taken.
whip out a mirror, reapply your lipstick and slowly walk by, hoping he'll ask you to sit down.
plop into it. It was only empty because you weren't in it yet.

7 He said he'd call on Wednesday to make plans for the weekend. Now it's Thursday, and the phone's only sign of life is the dial tone. You:
make other plans with your buds.
call him to see what's up.
worry he's losing interest. Hasn't he been eyeing that busty girl in your chem class?

8 For his birthday, you:
stand in line for more than an hour to get him an autographed Oasis CD--you know he'll love it.
pick up a Gap gift certificate.
obsess for three weeks, then blow your entire savings on six different presents--and still worry he won't like any of them.

9 Now its your birthday, and he presents you with a hideous orange scarf. You:
wear it every day, regardless of what it ends up clashing with.
bury it in the back of your closet. No guy is worth style suicide.
put it on immediately, then tell him you love it so much that from now on you're going to save it for very special occasions.

10 He's the perfect prom date because:
he'll look great in the pics--you can't wait to show them off.
you know you'll have more fun with him than anyone else.
he won't mind if you ditch him every 15 minutes to gossip with your buds in the bathroom.

11 He shows up at your house in the aftermath of a major blowup with your mom. You:
tell him your mom's in a bad mood and suggest catching a nice, long movie.
ask him if he wants to go for a walk, then spill all the gory details.
grab some shades to hide your puffy eyes and make no mention of the brawl.

12 You were both psyched about the school amusement park trip--until his superstrict 'rents said he couldn't go. You:
obviously won't be going, either. What's the point if you won't be clinging to him on the 'coaster?
tell him how much you'll miss him and promise yo bring back a souvenir.
decide it'll be a lot more fun as a girlfest, anyway.

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