You're crushing on him big-time. But does Dream Boy feel the same way about you? Take this quiz to test his IQ (Interest Quotient, that is).
by Carole Braden

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1 If you and your girl group walked past his posse in the McDonald's parking lot (and you flashed your sexiest smile), your crush would probably:
throw his Happy Meal fun prize at you and say, "Hey, catch!"
act like he was too busy pounding his Quarter Pounder to even see you go by.
give your gang a wave and ask, "So where are you guys headed after this??

2 Whenever he catches you enjoying a little eye candy (like, staring) from the other side of the room, he:
seems to have just stopped staring at you.
looks away immediately and busies himself batting his eyes at the Jennifer Aniston wannabe hovering nearby.
glances back at you for a second and gives you a quick smile or nod or something.

3 At the lake, if you beached yourself on a sandy spot next to his blanket he'd most likely:
tip up his shades, mutter, "Excuse me, but you're blocking my rays" and take off down the beach in search of his buds.
say, "Hey! What's up?" and go back to blasting Hootie & the Blowfish on his Walkman.
flash you a big smile, tell you he's going for a dip--then surprise you by soaking you with a bucket-o'-water bomb

4 You pick up the phone, dial his number and find yourself being forced against your will (by his mom) to leave a message. He'll probably:
silently smirk at you when you see him skateboarding the next day.
phone you two days later and say, "Sorry I didn't call sooner, but I've been kinda busy."
call you back, breathless, at 10:01pm and apologize profusely in case he woke up your parents or interrupted ER or anything.

5 The guys in his gang:
always tease you and flirt with you and invite you to parties and stuff.
act completely unaware that you're alive.
treat you pretty much like you're one of the guys.

6 The way he acts around you reminds you most of:
Bobby on Melrose Place (at least when Sydney was concerned): constand mind games and blow-offs.
Jordan on My So-Called Life (when Angela wanted him): a little distant, but definately datable.
Ross on Friends (before Rachel realized): Like, could he be hanging around you any more?

7 Say you stopped in to visit him at Hit Hut, the record store where he works. He'd:
say, "My break's in ten minutes. Wanna come with me and listen to the new No Doubt?"
smile and mock, "You're into Mariah Carey? That's cool."
snort, "You can't come in here with that ice-cream cone."

8 In a majorly heartstopping stroke of spin-the-bottle luck, your spin lands on him. Your guess is he'd most likely:
lay a tiny peck on your lips and act like it was no big deal.
argue that the bottle was actually an inch closer to the guy sitting next to him.
blush beet-red and say, "Okay, but do we have to do this in front of everyone else?"

9 When it comes you you, his idea of PDA is:
Palling around, Doing stuff together and generally Acting casual.
Put-downs, Disses and other Antisocial behavior.
Puppy-dog looks, Deep talks and a lot of Attention.

10 Check a box for each time that he's ever:
called you on the phone.
asked your BFF about you.
written you a note.
invited you out with his friends.
playfully teased or bugged you (e.g., made a bet with you).
stopped by your house to see you/invited you over.
shared his food or gum with you.
let you borrow something he loves (like his jacket).
offered to do you a favor or help you with something.
complimented you
doodled your name on his notebook.

11 Check a box for each time that he's ever:
said no when you've asked him out.
made a mean comment about you.
ignored something that you've said to him.
told a friend he wasn't into you.
gone out with some other girl (when he knew you liked him).
blown you off at a party.
made a move on your BFF.
told you he liked someone else.
avoided eye contact while you talked to him.
forgotten your name.

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