Do you believe everything you read, see, and hear? Take this quiz to see if you could use a healthy dose of skepticism.
by Cindi Scott

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1 A guy you've never spoken to in your life asks to borrow five bucks. You say:
"Back off, punk!"
"Is it an emergency? How do I know I'll ever get it back?"
"Sure. But I only have a ten. Pay me back when you get the chance."

2 As you walk into homeroom, you hear your "friend" telling someone you're a slut. She sees you and immediately says: "Oh, I didn't--um... It's not what you think." You reply:
"Then what is it? Are you mad at me?"
"Oh, thats a relief. I must have misheard you."
"Backstabber! I can't believe I ever thought you were my friend!"

3 A large envelope with "YOU'VE WON 10 MILLION DOLLARS!" on it arrives in your mailbox. You:
jump in the car and head to the mall--that 1,000-CD changer will finally be yours!
toss it unopened into the garbage.
open it to find out how you really win.

4 The new girl at school offers to drive you home from tennis practice. On the highway, the cop pulls you over. As the officer approaches the car, your friend freaks and demands your license, since she doesn't have one yet. You:
grab it from your wallet, hand it over and hide your face in your hair.
lie and say, "I don't have it on me. Just stay calm and tell the officer you're sorry."
say, "Here, officer" and hand your friend over to the authorities.

5 Every night this week, the people you babysit for have begged you to stay an extra hour because they must work late. When he comes home at 7 PM with shopping bags and she follows smelling of alcohol, you:
decide you'd better permanently cancel you 6:30 dance class.
tell them your evening schedule and renegotiate your hours.
scream, "Thats it--I quit!"

6 On the basketball court with your brother and his friends, you make a three-pointer. Your brother, whose team is now one point behind, claims that that's not the way they keep score. You:
are confused. You've watched them score three-point shots a million times before. But, oh, well, rules are rules.
argue that if he wants three-point scoring out, he's going to have to call if before you start playing.
tell them you don't play with cheaters and storm off the court.

7 A decent-looking guy comes up to you at the mall and tells you you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in his entire life. You:
think, My eyelash-plumping mascara does make a difference.
assume he's a jerk and walk away.
reply, "Nice line--wanna try another one?"

8 You have a strong feeling that your boyfriend is chasing the school's fastest freestyler, Jennifer. When you meet on Saturday, he smells like chlorine. You:
yell at first whiff, "I knew it. You're nothing but a no-good cheat!"
ask him if he went to the swim meet. If yes, casually ask why.
assume he's secretly taken a part-time job as a pool cleaner.

9 You come across a diet product with the claim "Eat all you want! Just chew Thin Gum daily, and you won't gain another pound. Ever." You:
put it on the shelf and think, Yeah, right.
read the label for health warnings and disclaimers.
are into it. You buy 30 packs and cancel all of your aerobics classes.

10 Your friend Alyssa wants to copy off your math test tomorrow. She just went out on a limb for you by calling up your crush, and you know that this teacher watches the class like a hawk. So you say:
"No way, chiquita."
you can't go along with it, but you'd be glad to help her study.
okay, and hope for the best.

11 At a slumber party, your gang starts up a no-holds-barred session of Truth or Dare. Someone dares you to strip naked and run through the sprinklers, even though its past midnight and below -15 degrees outside. You
bust off your flannels and pray your chest cold doesn't escalate to a lethal case of pneumonia.
quit. You've always hated that game anyway.
quickly switch to truth--you'd prefer to be tortured at room temperature, thank you.

12 A fortune-teller on the street calls out to you that she has news that will ease your mind. You have been really anxious lately, so you:
stop in your tracks and head over to her. But you're disappointed to learn that she wants money first.
ask for a price list and what kind of readings she gives.
ignore her. You heard about those fortune-telling scam artists on 60 minutes just a few weeks ago.

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