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This symbol represents me, and so the general shape is of my initials, MJ. The black lowercase 'f', represents my Faith, or my religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, informally known as Mormons. The blue uppercase 'Y' represents my current youth. The gold (or yellow) in the symbol is in the general shape of a lowercase 'b', and stands for Baritone: in a male choir, it sings with the approximate voice range, between that of a Tenor and Bass. I included this because I love singing ever so much, and have joined many choirs and am currently taking voice lessons from Blaine Chapmen so I can sing better. And finally the green colors that make up the I. The 'I' stands for the fact that the symbol is a self-representation, if there was a 'me' in the letters, I would've done that, but there wasn't so 'I' had to do. The sideways CTR, all crammed together stands for Choose The Right. This is known as a mormon symbol, many of us have rings that contain CTR to remind us constantly to do the road. Others think its an anti-governmental road clean-up program called corrode the road. The Canadian flag, because simply I like being Canadian, in fact, I really like being an albertan, in fact, I especially like being a Calgarian, and I like best of all to be me, no matter how cheap I am, or mainstream I try to be to try to fit in, no matter how much I deny geekiness, and am still in denial, I am me. But in this world what I like best of all, most completely is the mountains. You know that song that goes, 'I like the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love.......' if anyone knows the rest of those lyrics I would love it if they would e-mail me. Anyways, I love the outdoors, I love camping, I love the mountains, and that mountain in the symbol that has filled in the space in the 'f' represents all that I love and respect about nature, and the lack of power man has over it.


While some people may know what these means others are standing in the dark confused, with no clue what on earth it could possibly mean, so I will go in depth. Back in grade 9 I was try to create a symbol for my initials MJ, and then that secret agent spy agency fad occured, so I thought I'd cram them together to make it sort like a cubic graph with an x-axis [image], which at the time I hadn't realized was an actual cubic graph, but merely a shape. These letters crammed together to make the letters f,b,and i (all lowercase), so I thought, hey that could be my agent code name thingy. The only remarkably nifty(ish) thing I could come up with out of those initials was fish breath icicle. Looking back I think, how silly, and so for a CommTech20 course, I changed it to the MJ, and then thought, 'This symbol has to represent me.' so I glued on a CTR sideways, and filled in the holes of the shape, printed it out, and handed it in. Then I doctored it, to what it now is, simply, because I thought that the way it was right now represented my better.

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