Jan 1, 1997 Mark and Mickey are out of prison and back into the business at hand as they are busy regaining the lost ground from being imprisoned for several months.

Dec 25, 1997 Merry Christmas from cell block 7 where Mark and Mickey have been held up in for the past 6 months have gotten back into the mannequin market as they returned to command 5M into the first quarter of 1998. They promised to be good this year as they have gotten early parole. The families of the dead judges have voiced the outrage of the early parole hearing.

June 30, 1997 Both men have been convicted of stock manipulation and monopolizing the market. They were cleared for the murders of the 7 judges, when the evidence room for the police station went up in flames. The two have been sentenced to one year in prison and 1000 hours of community work and put the 30 billion back into the market. All the money they have put away in the Swedish bank account has put in the "Help Timmy" Group Home Fund.

June 10, 1997 The bodies of the 7 judges have been found in the Reflecting pool in Washington monument. Eight days after they had gone missing from the trial of the century. The police are now questioning suspects. Included in as suspects are the Heads of 5M, Mark and Mickey who are under suspicion.

April 5, 1997 The plot thickens. The Judges of the murder inquiry of the deaths of two smaller companies, Maxi Manneq, and Mannequin Fabricators have all gone missing from the trial. The police are now investigating the disappearance of the judges in the case.

March 22, 1997 The 5M Corporation was called to the Supreme Court of Canada to answer for the monopolizing of the midget mannequin market. C.E.O.s Mark and Mickey had to answer for the hostile takeovers of the smaller Mannequin Fabricators and Maxi Manneq companies. They must also account for their whereabouts on the night that the C.E.O.s of both of the previously mentioned companies were murdered. 5M has quite a motive and may have hired thugs or assassins to do the job to allow 5M to get a strong foothold in the global market.

Jan 5, 1997 The small 5M company has officially become recognized as a Mini Mannequin Giant, crushing smaller companies under foot with no regret.

Dec 15, 1996 C.E.O.s of 5M Mark and Mickey have won the long standing law suit, winning their company 30 Billion dollars in damages. 8M has filed for bankruptcy and is applying for the Finland Corporation Salvation Grant.

Nov 23, 1996 The 5M of Canada have sued the 8M of Finland for copyright infringement, for producing the same style of mannequins with the same head and similar curves.

Nov 12, 1996 The M.A.O.N.M.(Mannequins Association of North America) introduced the new super small models of mannequins to be released in the later quarter of 98.

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